What is GFCI?

GFCI stands for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupt and us an electrical outlet device that provides you with protection from electrical shock by monitoring the imbalance of current between ungrounded and grounded conductors.

What areas of my house should be GFCI protected?FAQ

The kitchen & bathroom is the most important place to install a GFCI outlet because these are areas of high moisture.

When is it time to call an electrician?

There are several instances where is appropriate to call an electrician such as circuit breakers flipping, random light flickering, owning an older home, lack of GFCI outlets in the home. We also take care of new constructions.

How much can I Expect to Pay?

Different jobs cost different prices and change depending on the age of the home and the severity of the problem. Spillers Electric, LLC strives to keep our prices competitive.

Can I complete my own electrical work?

Completing your own electrical work is never advised and extremely dangerous.

How do I know if an electrical outlet needs to be replaced?

Replacing your electrical outlets can protect your home from electrical fires. There are several signs that outlets should be replaced but the most common are outlets that fall out of the wall, damaged outlets, and 2-pronged outlets.

How often should your homes electrical work be inspected?

Every 5- 10 years as long as there are no issues.